Miriam Feldman’s portraits are situated in landscapes that rival their importance. Feldman is bravely determined to confront and explore the moment immediately before the unexpected, that moment before things are changed forever. Painting In a straightforward manner, the subjects appear to yield to what is imminent. The paint is applied flatly in somber jewel tones, yet the luminosity of her contrasting pigment gives a warming glow. “Elements such as fire, water, wind and earth, are beautiful to me. But beyond the majesty of these forces of nature is that irrevocable tipping point between what was and what will be. One moment a mountain stands, the next it is torn by fire and lava, a glass sits on a table and with the careless sweep of a hand becomes a scatter of shards on the floor. Large or small in consequence, it is that second before a thing happens that holds all the power for me”.

Miriam Feldman