Modeling oil paint into low relief , New York based artist Leslie Lew's ''sculpted oil" paintings painstakingly transfer Pop icons from their original two-dimensional source into a fresh 3 dimensional world.  Lew reinterprets cherished memories of growing up in America. The images ranging from heroic icons, children's instructional readers, comic books or television, reflect the diverse range of imagery that colors contemporary life . The subject matter and richly modeled surface quality leaves her free to orchestrate her buoyant color. Capturing the innocence of childhood Lew conveys an optimistic outlook on the future.  In the last 20 years Lew has had over 14 solo exhibitions across united-states,  She was last a participant in a traveling museum exhibition entitled "Comic Relief", curated by Barbara Bloemink, director of the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum Las Vegas.

Leslie Lew