Cassie Taggart’s  surrealistic masterfully rendered, comic-tragic tableaus invite the viewer into a world dynamically and intentionally at odds with itself.  The oil paintings overflow with visual information and imagery in an attempt to convey the media saturated world of the 21st century.  Taggart’s compositions are arranged on the canvas in what seems a very planned purposeful design, but are painted from a stream of consciousness, revealing her tweaked sensibilities and humorous sense of irony. Lone women inhabit, or are trapped in rooms filled with kitschy furniture, pets, toys, and feminine paraphernalia. “I have in my crosshairs the media's objectification of women, our angry, crazed political culture, the anthropomorphism of pets, what fun it is to shoot a gun, among others,” said Taggart.  “The goal of my new works is to show that even in our quietest moments – having a bowl of soup or enjoying a sugary confection, that we are still swimming, perchance even drowning, in a Tsunami of information.                               

Cassie Taggart